Session Drumming

What is session drumming?

One of my favourite things to do is get creative with musicians in a studio environment. As a musician, you are welcome to hire me to come and play on your songs to take it to the next level. I run my own recording studio which enables me to work remotely which is a good money saving option. Alternatively I can travel to a studio of your choice to record your music. I can be flexible with options and depending on the size of the project, I can also offer flexibility with the pricing. As a rough guide price, please see my three main pricing options below:  

I will listen to your track, select the appropriate drums (and mics where necessary). Once recorded, I will send you the high quality WAVS or AIFF files for you to import into your session and get mixing! 

This format works best for clients who know exactly what they want. This allows for a seamless session for a great price!

This option is similar to above, however I will provide three takes worth of  WAVS/AIFF files which will give you more flexibility as a producer. Lots of artists like this option as they are given more freedom over the drum part creative process.

OPTION 3 – Hire me for a day – £250 + travel expenses (FACE TO FACE AND REMOTE SESSIONS)
This option allows you to either visit me at my studio OR I can travel to you. Once we get started, you have a whole 8 hour studio day for me to track as much as you would like. In most cases, this works out to be the best value for money as the face to face interaction saves lots of time in communication and you can ask for changes in real time.

Beyond 3 takes:
If you would more takes added onto this option it would cost an extra £20 per take.

You have the option to add percussion to your track, this will cost an extra £10 per instrument added on top of the drum track. 

A high quality stereo mix of the drum track can be provided to you in you don’t want to mix it yourself. This costs £10 extra per audio stem.

Payment can be made via BACS after I have sent you an invoice for the session. Once payment is received, you have permission to use the tracks I have recorded for you.