You have complete control over the sound and feel in which you want to achieve. The more descriptive you are the better. Using musical reference is always helpful and MIDI data drum parts can speed up the communication process. Whether it’s a remote session or face to face, some form of consultation would be necessary to get an idea of your vision prior to the commencement of the session. 

– Mapex Black Panther Blaster shells
– Mapex Saturn shells
– Pearl Masters shells
– Premier Shells (dating back to the 1960’s for a retro sound)
– A selection of Black Panther, Mapex, Pearl and Arbiter snare drums 
– Sabian, Zildjian and TRX cymbals

For remote sessions please see the following gear list regarding studio equipment: https://www.xyzstudio.co.uk/equipment/

I have studied in many genres and have experience in these areas. The genres I am most experiences in are:

– Pop
– Funk
– Rock
– Metal
– Blues
– Reggae
– Latin
– Jazz

There are lots of sub genres in there but I would say these are the pillars in which to work from.

Yes I can, I can also create hybrid versions of drum kits if REAL cymbals are required in the session. 

Yes, here is the list of my percussion options:

– Shakers
– Tambourines
– Cowbells
– Congas
– Bongos
– Cajon
– Djembe
– Clave (wood blocks)
– Timbales
– Surdo
– Marching Percussion

Please check out my company’s youtube channel via the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wn_v1kLqpY

OR visit my media page: http://duncanlee.xyz/media/

AIFF or Wav are commonly used to send the full mix through in high quality for the final sign off. I usually send files in 44.1khz but other requirements such as 48khz are met if requested. MIDI projects will be sent as a MIDI file.

I’ll email a link to you so that you can download the files from a file sharing website. 

If you’d prefer a disc mailed to you, that is fine. The cost of postage will be added to the invoice for the session.

Yes. The audio files that you receive will work perfectly in all the usual DAW systems such as Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools.

Payments can be made via BACS following the receipt of the invoice and need to be paid in full before any final files are sent to you for remote sessions. For sessions where I travel, payment needs to be made within 7 days following the completion of the session. 

Absolutely. Recording a batch of tracks in one go decreases set up time for both remote and face to face sessions. This time saved is reflected in a discount from the overall session fee. The amount of discount is dependant on project type, amount, etc.

A deadline will be agreed between both parties prior to the session commencement. 

This has never been an issue for me personally but I will do my upmost to make sure you are happy with every part of the session. All requirements will be discussed prior to the session and you won’t pay for anything until I have verbal confirmation of your satisfaction. MP3 demo’s will be sent for approval listening purposes until the desired sound has been met. 

Here is a list of things you can provide me with in order to make the session run as quickly and smoothly as possible:

– Send an MP3 demo of your track to a click track with at least 2 bars of count in. This can either be a full band demo or just a scratch demo to give me an idea of the song. Scratch demo’s will require more communication before recording as there is less musical stimulus to play from.
– Please state which genre and which tempo the song is recorded in.
– A reference track to draw influence should you find yourself wanting to emulate the sound of a particular drummer.
– Provide me with a written drum score or MIDI track if this is something you have prepared.