A little bit about me...​

I picked up the sticks at the age of 12 and have never looked back since. I have played in many bands covering many genres in my time on the kit. Having studied at Tech Music Schools and furthering my studies on the BA Degree course at Oxford Brookes University, I have dedicated a large amount of time developing my understanding in music to enrich my experience with other musicians. For the last 6 years I have been developing a music tuition business XYZ Music Academy LTD along with rehearsal rooms and a fully functioning state-of-the-art recording studio. This has allowed me to work remotely on a multitude of sessions for a variety of clients. Now that XYZ Music Academy is established and growing steadily I am actively looking for session work to continue networking and growing with other musicians.

I’m not the only Online Session Drummer out there,
so why choose me?

I am a reliable drummer that takes passion in my work.

I have experience in a plethora of genre’s.

I’m confident with reading score.

I value my relationships with clients and believe the service goes beyond the music.

I can work remotely or travel to you.

Because I have access to a large variety of percussion, cymbals, acoustic and electronic kits to give you freedom over the sound you want to achieve.

My facility has access the following gear: https://www.xyzstudio.co.uk/equipment/